There's a better way to source engineers.

Sidewise is a Chrome Extension that dives into the million lines of code an engineer has on GitHub to show you all the tech your candidates use.

Find the perfect candidate, fast.

No more long boolean search strings filled with ANDS and ORS. Tell us what you’re looking for and start sourcing immediately.

See the skills your candidates use daily.

We overlay the exact experiences you’re looking for right on a GitHub profile, so you can be confident that each candidate you find is well qualified.

Perfect canidate

Source 4x faster.

When you find a candidate you like, Sidewise
shows you 3 similar candidates who fit the same criteria. You find one, and we’ll find the rest.


Find top candidates. And their emails.

We find the profiles and emails of top contributors for every project on Github. Just search for any repository on GitHub and start reaching out to candidates.

Search results

Insights, instantly.

Sidewise plugs right into your workflow—just visit a Github profile and our comprehensive analysis will appear.

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Trusted to work.

Join other recruiters who are sourcing with Sidewise every single day.


    "I wasn't using GitHub before this. Super useful tool for grabbing emails quickly. "


    "Sidewise has been great because I'm able to better cater my pitch to the projects a candidate built."


    "Now that our team uses Sidewise... a lot less crazy back and forth between us and our recruiter."

Power up your sourcing.

100% free to start using.

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